Independent Pre-school to Secondary School (including Further Education and Training)

Poplar Academy situated in Crowthorne, ranks highly among independent schools in Johannesburg. Catering for the educational needs of children and learners of all ages, Poplar Academy offers a pre-school, private primary school as well as private secondary school conveniently accessible to Johannesburg’s northern suburbs and Centurion. The supportive and nurturing approach toward a child’s education provided by Poplar Academy equips the learner with skills which enhances their learning experience.

Being independent, Poplar Academy is a private school in Johannesburg able to offer learners a curriculum resulting in the internationally recognised Cambridge school leaver’s qualification. As a primary school in Johannesburg, offering small class sizes as one of its characteristics, Poplar Academy provides the support and nurturing required by individual learners. All staff at Poplar Academy are directly managed and accountable to the principal allowing for quick, responsive and effective monitoring of all school activities and processes.

International school leaver’s qualifications

The internationally recognised Cambridge school leaver’s qualification is the result of the ultimate school leaver’s programme offered by Poplar Academy. Being an accredited Cambridge exam centre, Poplar Academy equips learners with the necessary courses for school leavers and school leaver’s certificate to enable learners to participate in further study abroad programs.

Being an accredited Cambridge Assessment exam centre and Global Partner School with a British Council association, Poplar Academy is fully equipped to confidently provide learners with schooling on par with international standards. Poplar Academy specifically offers subjects on IGCSE and AS level in Sciences, Mathematics, Languages ( English and French), Arts and Design, Law and Humanities, Commerce as well as a General Exemption.

Providing the best possible primary and secondary private education for learners is what makes Poplar Academy the independent school of choice in Johannesburg, giving your child the perfect opportunity to equip, develop and enhance individual abilities. Poplar Academy believes that with the appropriate support and guidance, every learner can grow into a proud and confident individual equipped to further their learning with successful lifelong effects. Enrolling your child into Poplar Academy is surely an investment in their future. A Simply Different school offering peace of mind and support to the whole family.

Personal touch and Learner support

Poplar Academy in Johannesburg, South Africa is characterised by small classes of no more than 16 learners per class. This allows for more personalised support for the learner. Having a multi-sensory approach toward learning, Poplar Academy practices the teaching of study and thinking skills.

Learners may be referred for speech therapy support to assist where difficulties in communication skills are presented. This is not only applicable to older children but speech therapy for toddlers may also be recommended where the need arises. A reading laboratory is designed to increase reading efficiency which will benefit the learning capabilities of a learner and affect improved result in all subjects the learner participates in.

Schools with small class sizes, of which Poplar Academy is one, are better able to identify learning problems or difficulties in individuals and recommend and monitor support programs tailored to the child’s specific needs. Early childhood development is another core characteristic of Poplar Academy, believing in setting a good foundation on which to build a child’s learning career.

Extra mural activities

Extra mural activities at school form part of the learning experience in that the activities stimulate the mind and body as well as help build on learning skills developed in the classroom. Poplar Academy offers a range of extra-curricular activities in school. Junior learners are specifically offered academic activities such as the Maths Club which focuses on basic maths principles. Cultural activities offered include dance and drama classes for kids while games activities teach children how to play different games. The list of cultural activities in schools includes private French lessons and Yoga. Pottery, karate gymnastics, swimming as well as judo and golf for senior learners are made available.

Through the extra mural activities offered through the school, physical and mental skills are developed and supported while stimulating a learner. Poplar Academy offers at least one in-house activity a day, which is included in the school fees. In line with providing flexibility, activities offered may change to provide variety and interest. Such changes are communicated to learners and parents through the school’s newsletter.

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