The Lion & Safari Park is an established leader in the commercial wildlife-filming industry and can provide any type of predator shot you may require: lion, spotted hyena, cheetah and many others.

With a large array of animals to choose from, including the famous white lions and our-well known tame giraffe, the Lion & Safari Park is a spectacular filming playground that are particularly suitable for advertisements, documentaries and specialised feature-film requirements.


The team at the Lion & Safari Park has a deep understanding of predators, and a cast of eighty lions,

including the famous white lions that starred in the internationally acclaimed “The White Lion” feature film which was filmed at the Lion & Safari Park, previously known as ‘the kingdom of White Lion’.


Head animal wrangler Alex Larenty has a team that not only has an enormous love for wildlife, but is also dedicated to this type of work. The filming involves three areas of interest; commercials, feature films

(which involve human actors as well) and documentaries about the animals themselves. When it comes to bringing in acting double, Alex and the team are familiar with the animals and the environment.


They also have access to a stunning range of diverse and magnificent locations that include rivers, valleys and vast tracts of unspoiled wilderness. The team is also highly experienced in green-screen shooting.