Attenuation Ponds | Paulshof


In phase two of the project flexible retaining walls were built instead of solid concrete walls to save costs and time. The walls were constructed with Infraset Terrace Blok® TB 190, rock face, and InfraBlok™ 350, split face, Multi-blend. It required a great deal of co-ordination for the contractor, plumber, electrician and civil earthworks contractors to work on the site simultaneously to reach targets and in the end the desired result was achieved.


For this undertaking an attenuation channel had to be built in a soggy marsh area. The dilemma that EIS faced was that it had to be built during the rainy season within a tight time schedule, as the first phase needed to be signed off before second phase of the project could start. The answer was to divert the marsh water temporarily to drain the work site, while the permanent channel was being built. The eventual channel is 160m long, 1.8m deep and 15 m wide, built with Infraset InfraBlok™ 425, Grey.


During the process unforeseen rock bolder outcrops couldn’t be removed, so the design had to be customized to facilitate this. The foundations of the wall were anchored steel reinforcing bars epoxy into the rock outcrops. Gabions were also installed across the channel to attenuate, or act as energy breakers.

Project scope

  • Consultant: Knutton Consulting Engineers

  • Main Contractor: ProBuild

  • Block Supplier: Aveng Manufacturing Infraset

  • Amount of blocks: 19 000

  • Approximate duration: 18 months